STRATEGIC HR, including Competence Management (matching & assessment): Strategic HR supports an organisation in successfully reaching its goals. Appropriate management and sourcing the right people for each role are key to that success. ODC measures which competencies can and cannot be developed, which natural motivations exist and in which areas candidates show appropriate behaviour and (therefore) will be able to achieve more under pressure. In selections, recruitment and succession planning, the ODC will help to find the best fit.

CHANGE, ODC can identify the key drivers for the required ‘change’ and translate this into the necessary competencies to develop. For example, ODC can select the right leaders and participants, helping to implement the desired organisational change in a faster and more sustainable manner.

COACHING, For increased achievement: Coaching individuals and teams can be carried out in a much more focused way through use of the ODC. The test gives insight into the subconscious blocks that hold back personal or team development, and can indicate which areas show room for potential development. Using these results the most appropriate and effective coaching framework can be put into place, leading to enduring results.